Estonian Rescue Board

We started our cooperation with the Estonian Rescue Board in December 2020. The received grant during this project was 49.000 EUR.

The goal of the project is to develop the product in a close cooperation with the customer and receive continuous feedback about the product functionality and its usability. During this project we hand over 15 thermal sensors that are being continuously tested at the end user. Over time we increase the handed over products continuously to enhance its functionality and provide better experience.

Tehnopol AI Challenge

The goal of the project is to speed up the development of the AI models for our Fire Detection sensor. The size of the received grant is 25.000 EUR. The device includes state of the art sensors integrated with the fully customized AI algorithms that take the decision on the edge. Such kind of deep research needs cooperation within different researchers and engineers. It has been great help for us to improve AI models with this grant.

State Share Service Center

The goal of the received start-up support is to buy the most important tools and software needed for the development of the product and pay the salary for our engineers. The received grant is 15.000 EUR.