Protecthum Solutions helps to protect your relatives and property from a fire hazard.

State of the art technology with AI algorithms integrated into the sensor detects only a real fire hazard several times faster compared to the conventional smoke detectors. Customizable alarming functionality notifies you immediately after detecting the abnormal situation.


The new generation fire detection sensor

Our device is much more than a conventional smoke detector. It detects fire in combination of thermal and other sensors, and applies integrated AI algorithm on top of it which enables to detect fire within the first tens of seconds. It doesn’t react to any kind of steam nor temporary smoke. Additionally it detects burning food and people presence in the room.




Why do we need a new smart fire detector?

According to the Nordic Fires Statistics there were over 27 thousand building fires in 2020, which caused 280 deaths in Nordic countries. Across the world these numbers are much higher. So there are still so many people losing their lives in fire. 

In case of fire it is very important to evacuate in time. Within five minutes after fire has started, the room is filled with tick smoke and temperature is very high. In first two minutes you can try to extinguish the fire by yourself but after that if you fail, you need to evacuate. The first helper detecting a fire hazard in your home is working smoke alarm. But according to statistics there were no or not working smoke alarm in fatal fires. So why don`t people use smoke detectors?

Problems with conventional smoke detectors are:

  • the fire hazard is detected too late- in case of fire every second is important.
  • smoke detectors react to any kind of smoke, so people tend to take them down and switch them off.
  • smoke detectors make annoying battery discharging alarm sound and it`s quite uncomfortable to change batteries, especially when it`s night time.

So there is a need for a smart user-friendly smoke detector that reacts only if there is a real fire hazard. 

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We are a small starting company. Our goal is to create innovative solutions for people, who value the protection of their relatives and properties.

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